Steve Hollingworth has decades of professional experience playing drums on stage and in the studio. He is recognized as being a world class musician.

The Ottawa Drum Teacher, Steve Hollingworth is a world class drummer with decades of professional experience.


Steve Hollingworth has decades of experience playing drums and 15 years of teaching. As drummer / lead vocalist he’s performed, recorded, collaborated with many world renowned artists. At 18 years old he played drums for a young guitarist who became the legendary rock guitar hero PAT TRAVERS. Steve’s the drummer for iconic Canadian rock group ‘FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND’ who achieved Platinum record sales in the U.S.A , Canada, Australia and abroad with ‘SIGNS’, ‘ABSOLUTLEY RIGHT’, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE,  I’M A STRANGER HERE, ‘MOONSINE’ (friend of mine) WEREWOLF.and more.

Steve Hollingworth, an award winning drummer, has played with some of the world's biggest music stars. He is recognized as a true world class player!His peers and fans acknowledged him with the ‘first ever’ BEST DRUMMER award in Canada’s capital at The Ottawa Congress Centre. Coincidentally, PAT TRAVERS came back from the U.S.A. to accept the same award for BEST GUITARIST. 

Steve has met and performed with two of the most influential drummers in history: STEVE GADD (drummer for ERIC CLAPTON, PAUL SIMON, and JAMES TAYLOR) GADD’s received more awards and accolades than any drummer ever. The other was GENE KRUPA. Gene forever changed the role of drummers in the 1930’s - 40’s big band era, bringing drummers finally into the spotlight with his innovative style and flamboyant showmanship.



Producer/Drummer CLIFF DAVIES

Producer/Engineer KEVIN DOYLE - Canada's Multi-Award Winning Engineer has worked with everyone from ANNE MURRAY to VAN MORRISON.

Teaching Approach:

Formal education was with highly regarded Star Kelly who gave Steve his grounding in mastery of technique, rudimental skills and theory. Disciplined practice has always been a key element in his development as a drummer.  Playing with great musicians influenced him as a drummer, singer, songwriter and performer. His depth of knowledge and experience has helped thousands of students of all ages and ability. Many are professional drummers looking to sharpen their skills, learning the tricks of the trade that have made Steve a sought after drummer and teacher.


Steve’s teaching focuses the student on mastering drumset playing by gaining full independence on the drums, working technique for hands and feet, attaining knowledge of rudiments, developing basic and advanced double bass drum skill and hand rudiments played with feet as well as understanding time, feel, dynamics and finesse for playing in many styles like Rock/Pop, Funk, Latin, Jazz, Fusion, Rhythm and Blues, Metal, Reggae etc. He also teaches advanced Polyrhythm, Odd Time Signatures and multi-pedal orchestration.   

Lance Chalmers

Drummer with Trooper (1995-2003)

Lance Chalmers and Steve Hollingworth

Steve Hollingworth. Two words: Feel And technique! If Steve had a middle name It would be "killer". I saw Steve the first time when I was 16, sneaking into the loading zone on Montreal Road. After I picked my impressionable jaw up off the floor, a shiver went up my spine. I had never heard anyone play like that or look so confident executing style and finesse, like that. Five years later, Steve asked me to fill in for him. Me? Are you daft? That's like filling in for my idol. And he was and he still holds that spot in my heart. God bless you Steve. When my friends went out to see Butler live, I stayed home and recorded the live broadcasts, just so I could listen to him play anytime. Those recordings are still in rotation on my player to this day. I am a devoted Milestone drums advocate. Why? Two words: Steve Hollingworth. Spread the word. He's killer!!!

Ric Dagenais

Twenty years ago I hung up my sticks and a little over a year ago I climbed back behind the kit and now have a new found zeal for drumming. Working alone on my chops was quite an isolating process so I thought a teacher might make it more enjoyable, help speed up the process and expand my range. I have known of Steve's great talent and skills as a fine drummer from the time he became a performing musician in Ottawa. And though I had never talked to him he was the first person I thought of when looking for a teacher. When I sent Steve an e-mail about 7 months ago I didn't know what to expect. Well I recently renewed my lessons for a second six months and I feel that working with Steve has been one of the best musical experiences of my life. Not only do I have a great teacher but a good friend and as we know, we don't have the opportunity to meet truly nice people every day. In my travels I meet a lot of people, including Steve's past students. I always hear the same comments from anyone who knows him - what a wonderful, honest, sincere, hard working and talented person Steve is.

I have to go practice now as my next lesson is only a couple of days away and I can hardly wait as...every lesson from Steve makes you feel like you are touched by his magic.

Jeff Beckstead

Student & Teacher

I grew up in Ottawa watching the amazing Steve Hollingworth play drums in various bands. During those high school and University years, it was a real pleasure to see Steve behind the drumkit giving us all an education in style, finesse, and technique. When the rest of us were bashing away, he was inverting paradiddles and playing one bass drum like it was three bass drums.

A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to study drums with Steve and I have never looked back. He is gracious and encouraging teacher and has a wealth of musical knowledge and expertise.

Whether you are a beginning, intermediate, or pro drummer, you will be miles ahead of where you are today, if you are lucky enough to find a time slot with teacher Steve Hollingworth tomorrow.

Ben Ledwell

Professional Drummer

Throughout my years of playing, I have not progressed more than in my years with Steve. His impromptu teaching style reflects his proclivity on the drumset, while his fluidity in odd time and different musical styles reflects his innate ability as a musician. It is with great confidence I recommend Steve as the only serious choice for the serious musician in the Ottawa region.

Connor Peacock

H.S. Student, Pro Drummer

I've been taking lessons from Steve for about five or six years now and needless to say he's a phenomenal drummer and a great teacher and I couldn't envision taking lessons from a better person.


Donavon O'Leary

H.S. Student

If your not taking drum lessons from Steve then your doing it wrong. When people ask me what drummers inspired me, I always say Steve Hollingworth. He has taught and shown me things I never thought I could do as a drummer - from increasing my hand and foot speed to learning different styles of drumming. He shows you it all and does it well. I wouldn't be the drummer I am today without my buddy Steve. So take my advise and learn from one of the best."

Cameron Ford

College Student

I have had nothing but great experiences when going for my drum lessons with Steve. I have learned lots of techniques and styles that I will be able to utilize on the drums years from now. Steve is a great drum teacher and a great person.

Dylan Francis

H.S. Student & Professional Drummer

I have been taking drum lessons with Steve for just over 8 years now, and I wouldn't want to take lessons with anyone else. He has shown me an unbelievable amount of drumming technique and style. He's AWESOME! You will not learn half of the things he teaches from any other teacher. Steve is very affordable and an outstanding instructor. Learn from the best and only the best! THAT'S STEVE!

Brennan Whitworth

Professional Drummer

Steve is a great guy! I've played drums for about 5 years and i joined drum lessons with Steve in 2010. He can teach you some pretty sweet techniques. I wouldn't be as good as I am without Steve. I highly recommend him!


...After I picked my impressionable jaw up off the floor, a shiver went up my spine.

...every lesson from Steve makes you feel like you are touched by his magic.

...Steve is a great drum teacher and a great person. will be miles ahead of where you are today, if you are lucky enough to find a time slot with teacher Steve Hollingworth...

...Great player and my 'first call' whenever I am in the studio!

...his fluidity in odd time and different musical styles reflects his innate ability as a musician.

...He has shown me an unbelievable amount of drumming technique and style. He's AWESOME!

...a phenomenal drummer and a great teacher...


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